This job is open to U.P. (University of the Philippines) Students and Alumni.

Hi guys. I’ve been working for this company for about a year now and I’m really happy about it. The pay is great, staff team is really nice, and everything is just all about flexibility. This is an online English school that caters to Japanese students. Also, by online, I mean that you can work from your home so long as you have a stable internet connection (NO PLUG IT CONNECTIONS PLEASE). Please visit for more info. They will schedule a training session with you and I’d like you guys to mention my name when they ask it in the last part of the training session. My name is Jon Daniel Uy Arzadon and my TUTOR ID NUMBER is 4347. By the way, payment is through bank transfer and they have a payroll system. You will need to open an account in BPI / PNB with their payroll form. Just ask them about it.

Remember, once they ask you who referred you to this job, just say my name. Jon Daniel Uy Arzadon / 4347 (TUTOR ID NUMBER)

Thanks a lot guys. This job is really worth trying and it won’t let you down. Good luck! Contact me if you have any questions 09729196317 / or you could just go to the rarejob website

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  1. AkosiAmor says:

    Wow. What a nice way to earn a referral incentive. 🙂

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