House Season 8 Episode 5 The Confession

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 8: Thanks for the Intercourse

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 9: Disaster Averted

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Hit me

We talk everyday
Spending hours and hours
Sometimes, I’m left with nothing to say
Overwhelmed by external powers

All the time I think
Of the things we could have been
Too bad our boat will sink
Loving you seems like a sin

You make me happy when I’m sad
You’re the voice I want to hear
My desire stronger than that of an ironclad
Losing you is my fear

Simple words for a simple piece
Because my love for you isn’t complicated
I’ll be here til after your heart sees
That my heart was unrequited

Left here waiting
For that awesome instance
When next to you i’m sitting
Our hearts between no distance

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How broken am I?

How broken am I?
Looking at a shattered glass vase
A perfect reflection through my eye
Seeing the scars written on my face

How broken am I?
It goes on and on, day by day
No one cares if I cry
No one listens to what I say

How broken am I?
In a room full of people, feeling alone
Pretending to be just a passerby
Standing where the light isn’t shone

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Love ________

Love is quiet, noisy at times.
Love is simple, complex when untrue.
Love is blind, occasionally having x-ray vision.
Love comprehends, becomes close-minded at times.
Love soars, pulls you down when you’re high enough already.
Love destroys, conquers, builds new bridges.
Love has no definition but attempts to define it happen every second.
Love _________

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Light, o light
Indeed a beautiful sight
Ambiance so calming
Ambiance, calming

Light, o light
Take away all the fright
I need to go there
Please, take me there

A mother’s daughter
Part, Whole, At peace with her
Nothing can get between
No one can get between

A man comes and offers something nice
A pencil, a doll, something to prevent cries
The man was kind
He always gave something in-kind

The daughter became attracted
Somehow, from others distracted
Her affection was bought
Her heart, was bought

The man had something else in mind
He had a reason why he was so kind
He needed the girl’s trust
He got the girl’s trust

The man came, he conquered
The feelings of people around him from stranger, altered
He had his plan made out
All he had to do, act it out

He and the daughter were alone.
He held her, the daughter felt chills on her bone
All the light, transformed to dark
What they were feeling, felt, felt..dark

All gifts did not matter anymore
The feelings toward the man became very sore
The mom came rushing in
Into the pool of light, she came in

Knew what was wrong
Her timing was perfect, like a song
She did what she thought was right
Protecting her daughter, that was right

Alas her daughter was saved
Saved from the man who was crazed
She came back to the pool of light
It was her sanctuary, the pool of light

Stay in the light
Don’t go for fear of fright
Your mother is messiah, your savior
She brought you back to the light, thank your savior.

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